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Rhino Linings Product Alert – TuffGrip™ 11-90

Rhino Linings is happy to announce our new and improved TuffGrip™ 11-90. New features include: improved moisture-tolerance, a wider-processing window which makes it more forgiving in various conditions, and having better cold temperature properties. For additional information on this product, download the Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheets below. Technical Data Sheet TuffGrip™ 11-90  Safety Data Sheets TuffGrip™ 11-90 Iso (Part A) | TuffGrip™ 11-90 Resin Black (Part B) Important Product Notes: Do Not co-mingle (60261 & 60264) with original version (60254, 60255 & 60256) New TuffGrip™ 11-90 available in black only If you’d like to place an...

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Rhino Linings Removable Drum Head Procedures

Step 1 – Place the new Resin drum into position on the B-side of the machine (blue label side). Once the Resin drum is in place, remove the bolt by using a 13mm socket and an impact gun Slide the collar down the drum Remove the lid Step 2 – Using a ½” drill with the Jiffy Mixer attached, mix the bottom of the resin drum thoroughly bringing all the settled resin back up into suspension. Mix thoroughly for 5-10 minutes After mixing, unplug the drill then wipe all the excess resin product of the Jiffy Mixer before placing the Jiffy Mixer into a 5 gallon bucket, and setting it aside Step 3 – Reinstall your drum pump and recirculation lines into the new resin drum. Bring up the collar, and tighten up the bolt using the same 13mm socket and impact Mix the drum after using the agitator for 30-45 minutes Note:   HAND MIX EVERY NEW RESIN DRUM PRIOR TO FIRST USE.  AGITATE DAILY AFTER FIRST USE, NO NEED TO HAND MIX. Tools required ½” electric chucked power drill 50 gallon Jiffy Mixer (PS-2 model) 13mm socket and impact gun 5 gallon bucket The unique thing about using a removable drum lid setup is that you can keep your resin drum pump and recirculation kit ALWAYS attached to the drum lid. Then just swap out the entire lid...

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Success at it’s finest – Hitch City

Hitch City in Mississauga, Ontario, continues to be the one to beat, as well as a driving force, within the Rhino Linings network of dealers. From humble beginnings to three state-of-the-art shops (strategically located in and around Toronto) and an ever-expanding list of services offered, they are truly living up to tagline line, “More Than Just Hitches.” Hitch City owner Peter Pliotas and his family have worked diligently over the years to create a brand upon which their customers can trust and rely.  Although it hasn’t always been easy, they never gave up. Their client list boasts all types, from electricians, plumbers, fleets and car...

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