Author: Andy Phelan

Don’t Let Winter Temperatures Freeze You Up

Another chilly winter is coming around the corner. Don’t let the cold temperatures freeze up your business. Follow these three tips to keep your Rhino Linings chemicals from freezing and slowing down operations. If you know how to store your chemicals and keep them at the right temperature, you’ll be golden. 1. Heated Rooms This is the preferred way to store your Rhino Linings materials at proper temperature. A heated room can be used to raise or maintain the material temperature between 55-100°F (13-38°C). Always measure the room’s ambient temperature at the floor. The use of a magnetic surface...

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Two Quick Fusion Gun Maintenance Tips

Here are two very quick and simple tips for keeping your Graco® Fusion gun in tip-top shape. If you haven’t already, be sure to add these into your routine. These simple maintenance tips will not only increase the life of your gun and equipment, but can prevent bed liner blistering and other installation issues. Two Quick Tips 1. Check Gun for Leaks With the valves below the gun turned off, pressure up your machine. Then, with the air to the gun on, crack the resin valve and look for a mist of air and resin. If there is mist...

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Are You Ready for Winter’s Impact on Your Operations?

Last year’s extreme winter conditions caused significant disruptions for many businesses. Due to extremely cold temperatures and poor road conditions or closures, many of you experienced delivery delays and received isocyanate that was cloudy or frozen. Avoid the winter blues! Order your chemicals on Mondays or Tuesdays so that your shipment does not sit in a cold freight terminal over the weekend. If you don’t have a drum band heater already, now may be a good time to buy one in case you need to heat your material before use (please see heating procedure below). The Process Inspect drum...

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Fusion Gun Maintenance

By Rhino Linings Technical Service Representative To ensure maximum performance and longevity from your fusion gun, it should be regularly disassembled once a month for proper maintenance. A fusion gun is appropriately maintained with good startup and shutdown procedures each day of use, thorough cleaning when repair is necessary, and adequate spare part replacement. Check Parts There are 21 O-rings in a fusion gun. Keeping them clean and greased is essential for smooth and sterling operation of all working parts. When disassembling and inspecting your fusion gun, look for flat spots, cracks, or chips on the O-rings, then replace...

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Equipment Maintenance – Wet Cup

The equipment you use to apply the world’s most requested sprayed-on bed liner was a big investment, and is a vital component to your business. To keep your equipment functioning at its best, our technical team at Rhino Linings is here to offer advice regarding its upkeep. In this video, Rhino Linings Training Director, Andy Phelan, explains how to maintain, clean and identify proper function of the wet cup, and why it’s so important. Protect your investment and prevent expensive repairs with continuing education of proper maintenance. Copyright © 2014 Rhino Linings Corporation. All Rights...

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